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Turpentine Park NSW

Turpentine Park, Cambewarra, New South Wales, a potential residential development. I am giving advice on how it should be handled.

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Ecological planning

The need for ecologically sustainable living has never been urgent more than today. It is an indictment of the housing industry in Australia that only six separate commercially available housing products are environmentally sustainable. Affordable housing and population increases are a constant pressure on governments of any hue notwithstanding the improving housing construction figures.

Since completing a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning in 1993 I have maintained an abiding professional interest in the practical application of sustainable development principles. At the statutory planning, or theoretical input level, the principles are well entrenched. They do not translate well, however, in the practical world of housing construction and infrastructure development in Australia.

As a consultant in this challenging field, I will provide professional services to clients who are dedicated to the principles of ecological sustainable development and are prepared to embrace innovation and creativity in the planning and development process.

I am currently engaged to provide ongoing services to clients in NSW, Australia for the lodgement of an application for a Development Approval of approximately 500 dwellings.

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Ecological planning

Fees vary according to the particular service being provided.

Land use investigations $500–1000
Document review $500–5000
Written advices $1500–5000
Tribunal representation $5000–10000
Feasibility study advice $200 per hour

Supervision of feasibility analyses and development applications will be quoted on the scope of the task being defined.

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My raison d’être

Since my career as a lawyer in Brisbane ended in 2000, I have enjoyed 10 years as a gallery director in the visual arts industry in Melbourne Australia, which has been as much a personal journey of the spirit as an opening to the world of creativity.

As a lawyer and town planner I am interested in promoting high quality development that is both innovative an ecologically sustainable. Opportunities for this type of development are not common due predominantly to institutional resistance to change. I believe that when the principles of ecologically sustainable development are universally adopted then living styles in Australia will no longer be negatively impacting on the globe.

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Nationality Australian

Academic qualifications

1980 Admission as solicitor, Supreme Court of Queensland
1992 Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) University of Queensland

Awards and publications

1989 Town Planning Appeals: A Citizen’s Guide by P.P. Day & S.E. Nall, Boolarong Publications
1990 Award of Merit, Royal Australian Planning Institute Inc Awards of Planning Excellence
1991 Thesis for MURP, Sustainable Development & the Planning & Environment Act 1988 (QLD)


1991-1994 Environmental Studies lecturer, University of Queensland

Employment history

2000-2010 Visual arts consultant and director, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne Dickerson Gallery is an established and highly respected, family owned commercial gallery with a monthly exhibition programme representing approximately 30 contemporary Australian artists.
1994-1999 Nall Payne Solicitors, Brisbane. A legal firm specialising in industrial, property, environmental, commercial and personal injuries law. My role in the practice was Managing Partner and fee earning lawyer practising in environmental and planning law, with supervision of commercial law and property matters

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Art interest

I have a strong parallel interest in the art world. If you want to explore it, follow this link:

Stephen Nall ART

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